Aaaaand … We’re Rolling

VO Session Nightmares

Last Monday I was in the studio recording a voiceover for an accounting firm.  Yea, it was pretty sexy.  I discovered there are at least 78 different ways to interpret and deliver “It’s your bottom line”.

Lucky for me there was a control room full of frustrated accountants (the “creative team”), each with enough opposing directorial cues to turn a fifteen minute booking into a two-hour gig.  Thanks to the good folks at Dewy Cheetem & Howe for the pay raise!

Watch this brilliant little clip – a painfully accurate window on the VO world. Livin’ the dream …?!

  1. cooper
    cooper says:

    Okay. I was in radio for far too long. After I decided I wanted to eat on a daily basis, i left to do other things. A few years back i thought about getting into voice over work. I went to a workshop with a “professional” voice over agent who told me – “You’re an announcer, not a voice over talent.” Thanx for the ego boost. I mean she may be 100% accurate, but to declare that in front of 35 other people – how about some helpful hints. But I’m not bitter. Much.

  2. Andie Duncan
    Andie Duncan says:

    Announcer, VO talent … tomAto, tomato. Seriously?! A discouraging, petty distinction she never should have made, let alone in front of 35 other people. You should throw your hat in the ring and get a non-union agent just to spite her! Not that I’m bitter for you … 😉