Too Dire For Duct Tape


Have you ever had one of those days?  You’re heading to the gym for the first time since Richard Simmons discovered spandex when you pull a small thread at the top of your pants, inadvertently unraveling the entire elastic waistband (and no, not your midlife-crisis sweat pants Read more

Frosted Flakes


Like most Torontonians, I am only too aware of the fact that our fellow Canadians think we’re all a big bunch of wimpy winter snow sissies.  Well, STICKS AND STONES PEOPLE!  (Actually, we’re not really well equipped to handle that kind of flying branch and rock debris, so … you know, please don’t.) Read more

Dome And Dumber


Alright, so I’m no Rosa Parks.  For those who read my Can’t Afford Rob Ford rant last week, I’ll admit I didn’t attend Saturday’s anti-Ford rally as I said I would.  I know I was all hopped up on banner-toting social justice when I said it, and while I am still as disgusted by Mayor Rob Ford today as I was on Friday, I just needed a break from the man.  Oh, and my dog ate my placard. Read more

Can’t Afford Rob Ford


Do you know what it feels like being a Torontonian right now?  It’s a bit like standing in a crowded elevator beside a man who just baked the mother of all wind biscuits.  Read more

No Rain, No Gain

ImageEvery August Toronto plays host to the CNE, the Canadian National Exhibition, and ever since my kids could form sentences, they’ve h-o-u-n-d-e-d me to go.  Oddly enough, just as the gates open on the EX each year I always manage to contract a little known form of Malaria often associated with parental distain for midway lineups, the ever-convenient Malarkia.  Oh it’s nothing serious really, just Read more

September or Bust

marshmallows roasting over open campfireI realize by writing this I’ll appear a horribly thankless Canadian mother, but I am SO DONE with summer.  By the time I post this story, school will have been out for 52 days, 18 hours and 10 minutes in Toronto (not that I’m counting … daily).  So like all parents trying to fill two relentless months of unstructured childhood, we have camped, cottaged and cavorted in the great outdoors until my obsessive UV protection practices have all but sunscreened the prints off my own fingers. Read more