My Birthday’s Cracked

ImageWhen your bed is thrusting and vibrating and you’re the only one in it, something’s not quite right.

Today is my birthday, but it’s not just any old run-of-the-mill anniversary.  At 7:00 this morning as consciousness broke I rolled over into my 50’s. However instead of gently greeting the new decade, this was the alarm clock parked outside my front door:

[wpvideo GjrJ2OfA]

Not exactly the kind of jackhammering a gal hopes for on her birthday.

As I lay in bed, throbbing on my mattress, I couldn’t help but wonder if this wasn’t some kind of metaphoric symbol about the road ahead:  “Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far Andie!  Now we’re going to bust up a few parts and see how she runs.”

On the other hand, maybe it’s not about breaking apart as much as it’s about cracking up.  Humor might have saved me last week as I was hosting a full-blown pity party for myself about turning 50.  Andrew had convinced me he hadn’t planned anything for my birthday.  Then he ambushed me Friday night with a surprise party.  This from the man who can’t plan dinner?  Yeah I was definitely, delightfully surprised, and grateful as hell for family and friends who love me.

The jackhammer has stopped now and I can hear the kids stirring.  Time to prepare yet another nutritious breakfast.  Don’t I get a bye today?

Alright, breakfast is on.  Cake anyone?!

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  1. Robert DiVito
    Robert DiVito says:

    Hey Rufus, Happy birthday! i know i’m only a few months away but i still have time to say it….god you’re f$%king old!

    love you, mikey

    ps. “Not exactly the kind of jackhammering a gal hopes for on her birthday.” hilarious!

  2. Susie Whelehan
    Susie Whelehan says:

    Fabulously funny! Just like YOU! And now you’re Fabulously Fifty!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Love and age lines, Susie

  3. Jerrie
    Jerrie says:

    Physical age is just a number for keeping track of how society expects you to conduct yourself. It’s a suggestion. Mentally, you can be as old, or young as you wish. I’m about 15 right now. Physically, I wouldn’t mind being 50 again at all. Love your humor. Enjoy your day.

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