Can You Candle It?


‘Twas the month before Christmas and as the first jingly shopping mall music thwacked me in the ear like a hard-packed snowball, I felt both excited and horrified by the looming prep work ahead that accompanies the word ‘holidays’.  But at a time when even heavy metal’s Twisted Sister is reminding me to Come All Ye Faithful, at least I’ve got the vagaries of Christmas music to help fuel, if not fascinate me throughout much of the holiday season.

I’ve often wondered about the mental health of staffers at the “ALL Kringle ALL The Time!” radio stations, where I presume the coffee pot is spiked with rum and DJs are eventually found rocking under their desks wrapped in popcorn strings on Boxing Day having snapped their Christmas crackers.  That’s hardcore-yuletide even for the most festive of city elves.

But I, for one, am not begging for mercy from all the syrupy music of the season just yet.  In fact, I’ll admit, I too am another sentimental artist who wrote and recorded a holiday single once.  It was released on iTunes by Universal Music Canada (“One Little Candle”, The Bee’s Knees) and was not so much a pouty-mouthed ode to Santa as it was a culturally inclusive love song.  It’s no Twisted Sister, though I did co-write it with my own twisted sister Cyndi, then hired some pretty inspired players to record it with me here in Toronto, including Aaron Davis on piano, Mark Kelso on drums, and George Koller on acoustic bass.  It was a rush to get it released by late November, so we opted for the child holding a candle for the cover shot as opposed to whipping up a photo shoot of me wearing a red velour, plunging fur-trimmed jacket.  Time constraints prevailed … and my disdain for me wearing red velour, plunging fur-trimmed jackets.

So please consider this my seasonal gift to you!  But if you happen to be an ALL Kringle staffer, you might not want to click the link.

Just sayin’ …

    • Andie Duncan
      Andie Duncan says:

      The song was actually written for a children’s music project so we were trying to teach inclusiveness … turns out it was a crossover message for adults too!

  1. Ned's Blog
    Ned's Blog says:

    I love Christmas as much as anyone, but one of our local radio stations switches to all-holiday music all the time from now through Dec. 26. In short, a station that I listened to every morning gets ignored for the next month.

  2. cooper
    cooper says:

    That’s an excellent song. Congrats. Being a musician I’ve tried writing songs but it’s just not part of my gene pool – i’ll stick to the instrumentation. You should write more….