The Puck Stops Here

ImageGrowing up in an all girl, artsy-fartsy household, the only contact sport I was ever thrust into as a kid was the physically demanding My-Sister-Has-Me-Pinned-To-The-Floor-And-Is-Dangling-Gob-Strings-Over-My-Face-While-I-Thrash-Frantically-For-Fear-Of-One-Landing-In-My-Mouth game.  Not the road to Olympic glory let me tell you.

Given my background in fringe living room athletics, I have, at times, felt wholly unprepared to be raising a hockey-rabid son.  Yet here we are, five years after Bodie’s first little scrimmage, facing the ultimate in house league ice cred, Select Hockey.

We didn’t really think much of it when Bodie asked if he could try out this fall.  Turns out ignorance is bliss as our once a week schedule has now morphed into a four times a week commitment, some days starting as early as 6:30am on the ice … before school!  Of course, I don’t personally do that shift, but if I did, I’m sure I’d say it was hell.

I got my first taste of hockey culture long before my own kids were born through my sister Cyndi (yes, the Silver Sputum Medalist).  Not only did her two sons play, but her daughter played as well, so from my non-parental high horse, I looked down on their harried weekend schedule as a waking nightmare of endless minivan jaunts from one arena to the next.  I just couldn’t imagine what kind of parent would willingly sign up for that.

Then a few years later I had my own son, who one day looked me straight in the eye and told me how much the game meant to him (well, at two it sounded more like “I wahn pay huckey!”, but you get the idea).  And so the cycle continued.

I know peewee parents can be a tad overzealous, and I definitely support the use of tranquilizer dart guns on any adult in the stands screaming “PAAASSSSS!!” and “COME ON, DIIIIIIGGGG!!!!” to their struggling little champions.

So for now, we’ll just ease our way into the big leagues.  However, I do think it’s important that we upgrade the hockey mantra in our household for the brand new Titan in our midst:  NHL, HERE WE COME!  (That stands for Non-House League, right?)


  1. Created by RCW
    Created by RCW says:

    To you and all other hockey parents, I say thanks and, should we meet, will offer to buy you a hot chocolate.

    I too played hockey as a child, but my more vivid memories were of my mother and I trying to get my baby brother into his gear. You never know how flexible the human body is until you try attaching 157 pieces of hockey equipment at 5 a.m. to the comatose corpse of a 6 year old.

    By the time the puck dropped, he was wide awake and we slept with the other family members against the boards.

    Salut! Randy

  2. Escaping Elegance
    Escaping Elegance says:

    I feel your pain! Lately I’ve been trying to look at hockey as, “At least it’s not cooking!” The Husband bears most of the schedule brunt for the two boys but it still rules our lives. Nothing can be planned until we check the practice/game schedule!

    • Andie Duncan
      Andie Duncan says:

      Oy! Well I just read the “Welcome families!” email asking us all to please consider being around for games scheduled over Thanksgiving and March break. Seriously?? Ugh … 🙁

  3. janelle
    janelle says:

    Just wait…one day…before you know it…you will be head over heals in love with the game…cause its like cooties….very contagious and spread by children <3

  4. 67steffen
    67steffen says:

    I did all the “league” stuff with my son and daughter. How about swimming meets on Saturday, departures from the house at 7 a.m. followed by six hours in the blazing sun? Swimming combined with basketball, soccer and baseball covered the entire year. Hockey would have finished me off.

  5. cooper
    cooper says:

    no one over the age of 15 should be allowed to ATTEND little league anything. the parents need to find something els to fill their time…like naked spelunking or something…

  6. runninginwater
    runninginwater says:

    Hi Andie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! You’ve led such an interesting life..I used to LOVE to sing when I was a kid, still do. If I were to be completely honest, I continue to fantasize about myself as a drop dead gorgeous 16 year old, performing at a Battle of the Bands in high school. Of course I am the lead singer and we are fabulous…

    Look forward to reading more,
    Diana Ray