Athletes Feat

"Watch out!  That ice is really slippery, Jen."

“Watch out! That ice is really slippery, Jen.”

Like so many Olympic couch potatoes, I am really going to miss the Sochi winter games.  Not only were they a much-needed tonic for the February blahs, but they were such great conversation starters, especially with total strangers.  After all, there’s nothing like the national camaraderie that comes from sharing OUR victories when WE’VE performed as well as WE have.  All thirty-five million of US.

But now that the athletes have blazed a trail through Sochi and gold has been safely returned to the Canadian women’s and men’s hockey teams, it’s time to get back to our own lives and rekindle our passions and enthusiasm for … for … I’m sorry, what the hell were we doing before the Olympics started?  Oh yeah, that’s right:  paying for Christmas.

Well I, for one, am not going to be able to get the thrill of alpine competition out of my psyche that easily.  Take my walk home yesterday; the sidewalk was a lunar surface of slush and ice so I stepped into the road to find a dry patch to walk on, only to land directly onto a vast expanse of black ice.

As my feet started back-pedalling, my arms flailing out to the sides to stop myself from plummeting onto my back, I summoned the authoritative voice of skip Jennifer Jones of our Canadian curling team.  But rather than barking strategic commands at myself, like “FLAIL HARDERRRR!” or “DON’T DIIIIIE!”, my autopilot response system kicked in, offering its only emergency vernacular, “SH#T!  SH#T!  SH###T!!

Of course, I was blasting Pharrell Williams “Happy” into my eardrums at the time, giving my words that stadium-shrieking decibel count that, in true Olympic fashion, garnered its fair share of public attention.  But let’s face it; that kind of athleticism really does warrant a little spectator admiration.

And she sticks the landing!

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  1. seaangel4444
    seaangel4444 says:

    Andie, as a Canuck living in Chicago, I have been trying to explain not only the cursed “hows” of curling to my American brethren, but more important to them is, “why”? Why hurl a rock down a piece of ice with brooms a flailing? On the train the other day I was wearing a jacket with a Canada logo on it. Someone asked me about curling. They said it looked easy and that anyone could do it. I thought about asking Jennifer Jones if she’d like to hurl this guy down the ice just to see how it all works. Nah, I think she’s too busy brushing her gold medal to care! Cher xo

  2. Penny
    Penny says:

    Hey Andie I love reading your blogs and glad to see you can share your good humour and insights with the world. Take care,
    ps. the Olympics WERE a great distraction…Yay Canada !!

  3. cooper
    cooper says:

    This is why I don’t watch the games, as a rule – the only part I saw was the heartbreaking women’s hockey final – and thankfully I was in a bar at the time – perfect place to ease the suffering…

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