Cloudy With A Chance Of Nutballs


I don’t want to be a winter whiner (she said about to whine) but this morning in Toronto we woke up to yet another 10 cms of snow … because apparently the furnace broke in hell. Read more

Aaaaand … We’re Rolling

VO Session Nightmares

Last Monday I was in the studio recording a voiceover for an accounting firm.  Yea, it was pretty sexy.  I discovered there are at least 78 different ways to interpret and deliver “It’s your bottom line”.

Lucky for me there was a control room full of frustrated accountants (the “creative team”), each with enough opposing directorial cues to turn a fifteen minute booking into a two-hour gig.  Thanks to the good folks at Dewy Cheetem & Howe for the pay raise!

Watch this brilliant little clip – a painfully accurate window on the VO world. Livin’ the dream …?!

Mother Knows Dressed


Every spring, as I put away my drab, colourless winter wardrobe and pull out my drab, colourless short sleeved one, I look to my children’s closets to give me that fashionista-fix that, apparently as a woman, I’m hardwired to need.  Truth be told, I’ve never enjoyed shopping for clothes for myself, particularly after having had babies.  Of course, my littlest bundle is almost 483 weeks, so I’m sure those extra 15lbs should fall off any day now. Read more

A Mother’s 10 Step Guide to Explaining the Fact of Life to Her Son

Step 1:  Stock up on wine.

Step 2:  Choose just the right time to broach this sensitive topic.  Timing is everything, so don’t deliver your dissertation while on the 3-minute walk to school.  Allow more time and careful consideration than you took for conception.

Step 3:  Choose a comfortable setting in which to connect with your son.  While a discussion from the front seat of the car offers the tempting avoidance of eye contact, the risk of driving into oncoming traffic is greatly increased. Read more