I’d Like To Thank The Academy …


As I adjust my tinfoil tiara and clutch my Rubbermaid scepter, I vow not to let this Versatile Blogger Award go to my head. With that, I’d like to humbly thank the lovely and talented Fibi at http://fibijeeves.wordpress.com/ for kindly nominating my blog for this much appreciated honour.  Fibi’s been working hard on her manuscript as well as her wonderful blog, so good on ya’ Fibi for finding the time to read other bloggers, let alone bestow awards upon them!

Being the versatile kinda’ gal I am, I’m going to layout the ground rules for this award in no particular order:

1.  Display the Award Certificate on your website/blog (Check)

2.  Post 7 interesting things about yourself (not an easy assignment, but here goes):

  • I met James Taylor once at a sound check back in 1997 (yes, I just dug into the last century for an interesting tidbit about myself).  I sat in the front row of the 10,000-seat arena all by myself, my lone clapping trying to fill the void after each song was run through.  As the God of folk music eventually walked past me through the tunnel toward his dressing room, I stuck out my hand and said “Wow … thanks for that.” as if naturally his performance had been solely for my benefit.  He took my hand in both of his, asked me my name and said “Thank YOU, Andie!”  I haven’t washed that hand since.
  • I’m a bit psychic, often dreaming about people I haven’t seen in years only to have them call or cross my path a day or two later.  I can also tell when my sister’s calling even before I pick up the phone.  Oh, and I have Call Display (ok, but the psychic thing was real).
  • I’ve been known to use jujubes to drown out my husband’s snoring when I can’t find earplugs.
  • I have near perfect pitch and can pick up any song on the piano note for note, but I can’t read a lick of music.
  • My blood is nine tenths coffee, flavoured brews, and while I’d like to believe I have a sophisticated palate, I’d probably drink bubble-gum flavoured coffee if they made it.
  • I can make an eardrum-shattering whistle with my thumb and forefinger, useful for sounding like a classless, cattle-herding mother when calling in my children.
  • I’d trade any activity for gut-rolling laughter, especially with my kids.

3.  Announce your win with a post, including a link back to the kind soul who nominated you (still lovin’ that Fibi! http://fibijeeves.wordpress.com/)

4.  Present awards to 15 deserving bloggers, then comment on their sites to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post (Alright, check out these wise and witty wordsmiths):

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Okay, now to find a dress!  (This award does include a gala dinner, right?)

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  1. muddledmom
    muddledmom says:

    Thanks and congrats, Andie. I like that tip about the jujubes. That could come in handy someday. And I’d take that kind of laughter too. It just doesn’t come often enough, does it?

    • Andie Duncan
      Andie Duncan says:

      Absolutely not, so it’s that much sweeter when it comes. As for the jujubes, just make sure you NEVER twist gummy bears into your ear canals (did I actually just offer that advice?) … THEY MELT (she said from experience!!)

  2. barbtaub
    barbtaub says:

    Wow! I know (virtually) someone who shook hands with Sweet Baby James? I’m probably going to spend the rest of my life being jealous of you. But that doesn’t stop me from being so grateful for the award. Even though I have to think up those seven things…
    (Does it count that I might have shared an elevator with Sissy Spacek in Charlottesville VA? I covered myself with glory for my classy approach there —
    ME: I’ll bet you hear this a lot, but you remind me of that actress in “Coal Miner’s Daughter”.
    HER: (nothing)
    ME: You know, Sissy Spacek?
    HER: Yeah, I get that a lot. Bye.
    In my defense, I was pretty sure it couldn’t be a real hollywood, academy award winning star in a little elevator with me. It was only later that I found out she lived nearby and that it was definitely her. So much for my brush with a famous person…)

  3. pmahaney
    pmahaney says:

    Andie I wish to thank you for the look in as it allowed me to find your blog, (not to mention several others-whoops not enough space in parentheses) and what a delight! Your blog and the post on it are a very fun read indeed.

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