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Dearly Beta-loved …

I’m always amazed at what people keep in their freezers.  From hemorrhoid cream to stool samples to placentas, the list is disgustingly endless.  I’ll admit, even my own freezer is a subzero burial ground for both my kids’ deceased pet fish, Kevin and Cookie. I stumbled upon their bug-eyed remains recently while digging through our […]

Ground Control To Major Mom

On the first Monday in May this year, my children made history.  No, they didn’t make their beds.  Like thousands of kids across the country, they stood in their schoolyard at exactly 1:00 p.m. with fellow students and staff, voices skyward, singing the newest single by Barenaked Ladies and their unlikely new collaborator, Canadian astronaut […]

Hot Flash Buns

For the 40+ baker, this pick-me-up patisserie is sure to please.  It can be made in either muffin top tins or a loaf around pan, depending on your mood swing. In bitterly segregated bowls, combine the following: Wet 3 flaccid bananas 2 ovum 1/2 cup vegetable lubrication Dry EVERYTHING 1 cup brown spots rice flour […]

Mother’s Day Motherload

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day, and I’m doing what every sensible matriarch does at the start of this auspicious day:  I’m hiding in my room. I’m never sure what the rules of engagement are for Mother’s Day.  If I come downstairs, I run the risk of spoiling their big surprise, which given the sounds coming from […]