Bombs Away

FbombYesterday afternoon I made the three-hour trip into the city so I could spend a couple of days in town getting errands done before school starts next week.

As I drove down our street, I spotted a good friend walking home from work about two blocks from our house.  He was purposefully crossing the road behind me when I caught sight of him, so Read more

September or Bust

marshmallows roasting over open campfireI realize by writing this I’ll appear a horribly thankless Canadian mother, but I am SO DONE with summer.  By the time I post this story, school will have been out for 52 days, 18 hours and 10 minutes in Toronto (not that I’m counting … daily).  So like all parents trying to fill two relentless months of unstructured childhood, we have camped, cottaged and cavorted in the great outdoors until my obsessive UV protection practices have all but sunscreened the prints off my own fingers. Read more

Timeout For Two?

Mommie Dearest

Mommie Dearest

We’ve all been there.  That breaking point in your parenting day when, after the twenty-seventh time asking your child to stop their incessant (insert sanity-draining behavior), your patience snaps like a dry twig.  What should be a levelheaded response to disobedience suddenly turns into the wire hanger scene from Mommie Dearest.  Read more

I’d Like To Thank The Academy …


As I adjust my tinfoil tiara and clutch my Rubbermaid scepter, I vow not to let this Versatile Blogger Award go to my head. With that, I’d like to Read more